Thirty Something Truths

Hey there!

Hi, I’m Kayleigh.

Welcome to my blog.

Here to share my experiences and life lessons as a 30 year old singleton.

P.S Dont let them fool you, we’re all still figuring it out ❤

From the blog

Real Talk… Reflections… Relationships and Situationships

So when I started this blog, I had all intentions of speaking about my experiences when it comes to relationships, (mainly) situationships and dating experiences. Being single for almost 9 years certainly gave me enough content to provide you with endless stories. The good but mainly bad and just damn right ugly situations to be…

Zero Motivation – Zero Inspiration

The past few weeks I’ve felt completely unmotivated, both in my personal and professional life, and even with this blog. I had so many ideas of what i wanted to do in terms of plans, lifestyle, goals and even topics I wanted to discuss on here…. Then all of a sudden the world opened up…

Catfish & Social Media

Here we talk about the impact of filters, social media, and the pressures to look perfect.


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