A Preview 💭 Life at 30 – Still Figuring It Out

Thirty Something Truths

A tale by me 🗣

Because I wish somebody would have told me that it was all going to be okay.

& that not being married with kids, owning your own home, or having a career you love by 30 does not mean that you have failed in life.

(Although that can be how it feels at times)

And if you do have all of the above and you’re happy then I’m happy for you too and Touché. 👏🏼

But I’m just here to speak for my experiences and make sense of my realities.

So for the rest of us:

Life is not a ticklist.

It is yours to be lived 🤍

And how boring would it be if everyone travelled the same path.

There is excitement in detours, embrace them.

You may not always understand the reason, and they may lead to some dark woods at times, but in time you’ll see why things had to happen a certain way to get you to where you are today. Every sun sets to rise again.

& the lessons learnt along the way have made you into the person you are today. They make you YOU!

Take it from me, a thirty something year old woman, who (still) has none of the above, whilst being surrounded by many who do, however this does not make me a failure.

All of our paths are very different & mine has been an interesting one at times to say the least.

& I’m grateful for my journey & excited to see what’s next in store for me.

I remember being 17 years of age, in love with my first boyfriend, thinking my life was already planned out for me & that I’d be married with 3 kids at the age of 25, and they would be my forever. (I even had names picked out… Brooke & Summer… the OC and One tree hill were clearly the only shows worthy of watching… and chris brown’s ‘forever’ would be our wedding song) – what can I say I was clueless 😂 – except them shows and chris brown are still pretty cool.

I remember looking at 30 year olds, thinking they were real adults… Old… life’s sorted, they have it all figured out. I always imagined my life would be very similar to my parents.

Honestly, I couldn’t have got it more wrong and I’m so glad I did.

I don’t think anyone ever does ‘have it all figured out’ by the way. It’s a myth.

That’s the beauty in this thing called life.

It’s full of surprises 🤍 for all of us.

So what should you have by 30 you may ask? Well for me it goes like this:

Memories which you will cherish forever

lessons learnt through a lot of (repeated) mistakes.

laughter and tears (life’s about balance after all)

The best friends / family a human could ever wish for (by now you should have learnt to remove the dead wood – if your people don’t support you then they’re not your people)

Confidence in who are as a person (because if you can’t be yourself, who can you be)

A kind heart (because the world doesn’t need anymore shitty people)

A voice (use it!)

Maybe some crappy tattoos in there too (except if you’re anything like me you’ll wish you hadn’t – listen to your parents people – they’re older and wiser 👀)

So yeah I hope you enjoyed this first draft.

It’s not perfect but then again neither am I…

There we have it… my first ‘truth’

I look forward to sharing my many mistakes and experiences with you 🤍

Much Love x


Published by Thirty Something Truths

A thirty something woman Sharing my truths and life experiences Because I wish I had learnt earlier That we’re all still always figuring this thing called ‘life’ out. So don’t be fooled... we’re all in this together 🤍

7 thoughts on “A Preview 💭 Life at 30 – Still Figuring It Out

  1. omg this is amazon i love it sooooo much, u r amazing, keep going, this is so good, can’t wait for the next one !!


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